Who are we?
A bunch of fanatic Simracers. We believe in and live for the creed: "For sim racers, by sim racers". For us, it is a way of life, not mere words.

What do we offer?
Our selection of products and solutions will cater to like-minded Sim Professionals around the world. We realise there are differences between real-life and sim racing, but our selection will bring you as close to the real thing as possible.

From high-end pedals, down to racing frames and peripherals, we have you covered. Very soon, the most advanced DIrect Drive Wheel technology available, will be on our shelves too.

Where are we heading?
Our communications-network with and access to the top designers and equipment suppliers globally, allow us to direct and drive the advancement of existing products, as well as the evolution of new products, for your benefit.

We look forward to hearing from you on new ideas and concepts.

Simple, Elegant, the Logical Choice.